Alpinist, rock and ice climber, photographer/videographer, musician and web developer. Smiling new daddy…

Photography and Media:

I have enjoyed a love of photography for over two decades. Alpine adventures, culture, commercial projects, or simple traveling moments. My images have been published with Men’s Journal Magazine, National Geographic, Origin, and with commercial clients such as Marmot and La Sportiva. Video captures have been used in several films such as the Incan Odyssey and the Zanskar Odyssey.

Alpinism and climbing:

In 2013 I received the prestigious Copp-Dash Inspire Award to travel to Afghanistan to explore virgin peaks and faces, and made my 10th expedition to Peru, this time to return to the perilous unclimbed face of Santa Cruz that had nearly killed us the year before. I’ve had 20 years of experience on remote high-altitude ascents in the Himalaya and Andes, and rock and ice climbs throughout N. America and elsewhere in the world. Recently I have participated as climber and photographer on the Zanskar Odyssey and Incan Odyssey: both Marmot-sponsored full-spectrum climbing adventures involving high-altitude bouldering and alpine first-ascent attempts.

Culture and travel:

A seasoned cultural observer with 25 years of travel to over 35 countries, I speak Spanish, Italian and French and have spent considerable time in countries all over the world; in mountains, jungles, deserts, beaches, small towns, and large cities.

Web Development, graphic design:

Most recently, I developed a proprietary mathematical programming algorithm for an eCommerce startup (you can ask me more about it), and built out the proof-of-concept site to house it. I have worked as a web designer/programmer for about 10 years, and am inspired by clean design and writing, and problem-solving. Web development allows me to bring my artistry, intellect, and engineering/design education to bear on projects. PHP, jQuery/javascript, HTML/CSS, WordPress customization, formerly .NET/C# also.

Other Details:

  • BSc. Engineering, Brown University
  • Architectural Builder/Designer: Built and funded $1.3m eco-friendly home featuring unique reclaimed materials, extensive solar power and heating and unique design in a prestigious neighborhood in Boulder, CO. Sold in 2011.
  • 4 years as a full-time Physics and Mathematics teacher at Shining Mountain Waldorf School.
    6 years teaching as a guest block teacher in Waldorf Schools in NM, GA, VT, and CO.
  • Author: “Fun with Puzzles, Games, and More!“, a mathematics puzzles and games book aimed at middle and high school teaching.

My family background is in the arts: both my parents were professional classical musicians in NYC.