I’m a full-stack developer with a creative eye and mind, and a problem-solving background in Engineering. You can search for domains, sign up for hosting, SSL Certificates and more at my Web Services site Western Web Services.

I enjoy bringing my problem-solving skills and artistic background to bear on web projects that are modern, clean, and visual.  My diverse background includes an Engineering degree, building/architecture design, a decade of web development and design, music and photography/film-making… all of this comes together in developing an aesthetic look and engaging experience on the web.

Recently I worked on an eCommerce startup project developing a unique algorithm for matching customers to products. Check it out here: T*Bar. I can build or customize to look or functionality of WordPress and Squarespace sites, or develop sites or apps from scratch. Contact me for design, domain and hosting, site development, and training, eCommerce, or Google Apps & Analytics. Check out my blogs for posts about WordPress and Woocommerce development, and other PHP, HTML & CSS tricks.

Recent Projects:

This Salesforce app company required a Squarespace site for their own website. Working with designer Similar Blue, I had a very specific design to work with, which presents certain challenges in Squarespace. Further, I wanted to stay out of Developer Mode in SS, since they would lose the automatic updates and support. So I did it all with jQuery and custom CSS.

Another Squarespace project, with similar customizations to an existing theme, using jQuery and CSS to pull off various feats.





Willow King, co-founder Esoteric Foods/ Ozuké

Mick is a talented artist and a good listener. He is attuned to story, subtleties and undertones. When we began the process of designing our website with Mick, we were also beginning the process of understanding who were were as a company and how we wanted to present ourselves to the world. He helped us carve away and discover what it was we were looking for and then did the backroom magic to make it happen. He has a solid grasp on the technology, is timely in his responses and professional in his manner. He has a wonderful blend of creativity, logic and humor that all serve the design process very well. We have gotten great feedback on our website both in it’s style and functionality.

Isa Rittberg, director, The Ascendance Project

Working with Mick Follari changed my entire experience of website design. Unlike many other designers, he truly takes his time, listens to your needs and wants them to be met. His meetings were thorough and detailed. I am extremely particular about design and detail; Mick was willing to listen and show me different options as we spoke. (We changed the fonts about a hundred times.) It is also important to him that you understand the process and later feel comfortable managing your own site. I could not recommend him more.


Martha Wampler, owner, Boodelia Design

When looking for someone to help me build my website, I researched different web developers in the Boulder area and Mick’s clean, visual style stood out. Later, I learned that besides being a website builder, Mick had experience as a photographer, writer, home-rehabber and rock climber! He has a broad perspective and a clean, disciplined eye.</p><p>He has taught me how to manage the content management software, allowing me to maintain and enhance my web site myself. He has a patient, kind demeanor that made it a rewarding collaborative experience. I am thrilled with the results and look forward to working with him as my website evolves.

 More client testimonials are on the way.